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With a die library of over 7,000 standard sizes, it’s clear to see that USA/DOCUFINISH is no stranger to manufacturing high quality Roll Product for the trade!  All our Roll Product is shipped out only after being fully inspected by specially trained Rewind Operators!  That’s right- no press flags or missing products- GUARANTEED!   Simply put, the way in which USA produces, rewinds and inspects its Roll Product means improved Affixing Production- whether the Product is being expertly affixed at USA/DOCUFINISH, or shipped out for affixing at a different location. 


What Types of Roll Products does USA Produce?

Single Ply, Piggyback and Triggyback Roll Labels, Wafer Seals, Scratch Off Labels, Instant Redeemable Coupons, Repositionable Notes (USPS Approved), Stock and Custom Laser Labels, Barcode & Numbered Labels

Features and Benefits: 

  • Expert Die Cutting on specialty Presses.
  • Printing up to 6 colors and four color process. 
  • Full rewind and inspection of all products by specially trained press operators!
  • No Flags or nicks in the liner.

  • Specifically manufactured for machine affixing.
  • Large Selection of Dies.
  • 6 Color Printing Capabilities.
  • In house slitting of master rolls.
  • Limitless selection of face stocks and adhesives.



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