USA/DOCUFINISH has the ability to expertly affix any of its ROLL PRODUCT to Continuous Forms, Documents and Mailers. Need Roll Product Affixed to Cut Sheets? No Problem, USA/DOCUFINISH can sheet down the continuous product and provide poly-wrapped cut sheets- with PERFECTLY Affixed Products!  Quality Affixing is serious business at USA/DOCUFINISH and that’s why we boasts affixing tolerances three times less than the Industry Average! USA/DOCUFINISH specializes in Large Run, Roll-to-Roll Affixing of Cards and Labels—however, USA can affix an order for 50,000,000 with the same accuracy and precision as an order for 1,000!



Who’s using Form-Label and Card-Label Combinations:  In a word, ‘EVERYONE!’

Features & Benefits

  • Expert Card, Label and Magnet Affixing
  • Quadrel Affixing Systems
  • Label Aire Affixing Systems
  • Extensive Tamarack Converting Equipment
  • Tolerances +/- 1/32"
  • Accurate Affixing to Sheets, Rolls, and Fan-Folded Printed Products
  • Complete Affixing Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • No limit to repeat position
  • Two-up affixing
  • Expert roll-to-roll and fan-fold affixing.
  • Perfect Placement.
  • Allows for the sale of multiple products to the same customer!



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