USA has the ability to expertly affix any of its ROLL PRODUCT to Continuous Forms, Documents and Mailers. Need Roll Product Affixed to Cut Sheets? No Problem, USA can sheet down the continuous product and provide poly-wrapped cut sheets- with PERFECTLY Affixed Products!  Quality Affixing is serious business at USA\Docufinish and that’s why USA boasts affixing tolerances three times less than the Industry Average! USA specializes in Large Run, Roll-to-Roll Affixing of Cards and Labels—however, USA can affix an order for 50,000,000 with the same accuracy and precision as an order for 1,000!



Who’s using Form-Label and Card-Label Combinations:  In a word, ‘EVERYONE!’

Features & Benefits

  • Expert Card, Label and Magnet Affixing
  • Quadrel Affixing Systems
  • Label Aire Affixing Systems
  • Extensive Tamarack Converting Equipment
  • Tolerances +/- 1/32"
  • Accurate Affixing to Sheets, Rolls, and Fan-Folded Printed Products
  • Complete Affixing Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • No limit to repeat position
  • Two-up affixing
  • Expert roll-to-roll and fan-fold affixing.
  • Perfect Placement.
  • Allows for the sale of multiple products to the same customer!



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