Need an affixed membership card with the flexibility of being personalized on the front and back of the card? USA\Docufinish has the solution for you! Introducing the industry's most innovative affixed membership card, DOCUFold. DOCUFold is a Laser Compatible EZ-Release Poly Card with a premium luster, allowing the vibrant color to really pop out and features an exclusive linerless construction with a butterfly configuration. This gives you the ability to image a duplex printed membership card using a simplex imaging process. Docufold also yields an 11mil, 13mil or 15mil card when folded and sealed! DOCUFold EZ-Release Membership Cards can be delivered on rolls for you to affix with your own equipment or can be affixed to a custom printed piece. See our Affixing & Finishing for more details! Again, DOCUFold is available only from USA\Docufinish!

When it comes to EZ-Release Cards, we have the best and the brightest!



  • Available in 5mil, 7mil and 10mil thicknesses.
  • Extra Bright White Material
  • Laser Compatible
  • Ink Jet Compatible with additional top coat.
  • Printing up to 6 colors.
  • Front and back printing.
  • Expert Affixing.



PRODUCT TIP: EZ-Release Cards from USA\Docufinish are a great alternative to Old Fashioned, glued down plastic cards.


MARKETING TIP: Sell Cards to: Clubs, Societies, Organizations, Non Profits, Special Interest Groups.


SALES TIP: They're Laser Compatible and eliminate the need for a match mailing!





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