Need an affixed membership card with the flexibility of being personalized on the front and back of the card? USA/DOCUFINISH has the solution for you! Introducing the industry's most innovative affixed membership card, DOCUFold. DOCUFold is a Stock Laser Compatible XBP EZ-Release Poly Card with a premium luster, allowing the vibrant color to really pop out and features an exclusive linerless construction with a butterfly configuration. This gives you the ability to image a duplex printed membership card using a simplex imaging process. Docufold also yields an 11mil, 13mil or 15mil card when folded and sealed! DOCUFold EZ-Release Membership Cards from the STOCK-U-Finish line are available affixed to blank 8.5 x 11 or 2 up 17 x 11 sheets. See our EZ Release section under Value Added Solutions for details about custom printed DOCUFold! Again, DOCUFold is available only from USA/DOCUFINISH !

When it comes to EZ-Release Cards, we have the best and the brightest!



  • Available in 5mil, 7mil and 10mil thicknesses.
  • Extra Bright White Material
  • Laser Compatible
  • Ink Jet Compatible with additional top coat.
  • Blank for complete imaging


PRODUCT TIP: EZ-Release Cards from USA\Docufinish are a great alternative to Old Fashioned, glued down plastic cards.


MARKETING TIP: Sell Cards to: Clubs, Societies, Organizations, Non Profits, Special Interest Groups.


SALES TIP: They're Laser Compatible and eliminate the need for a match mailing!


1-UP Butterfly Card on 8.5 x 11" 28 # MOCR Laser Bond Paper

Position: Centered left to right, 3/4" from bottom or top of sheet.





1M2 - 5M6 - 10M11 -50M

Available for same day or next day shipping!