Barcode & Numbering
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1D & 2D Bar Coding

USA/DOCUFINISH offers a full line of bar-coded and numbered products ideal for Medical, Laboratorial and Pharmaceutical Applications.   In addition to numbering and bar-coding of affixed labels for form/label combinations.


USA/DOCUFINISH can also supply Numbered and Bar-coded Roll Label Stock!  Here’s a quick overview of our Numbering and Bar-coding Capabilities:


  • Consecutive Numbering and Bar-Coding
  • Numbering and Bar-Coding of EZ Release Cards
  • Numbering and Bar-Coding of Roll Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Capability
  • Laser Capability
  • Printronix (Crash Imprinting)
  • Numbering available in any color
  • Landscape (Picket Fence) and Ladder Formats
  • JUMBO Numbering
  • Human Readable Components
  • Scanning and Verification Quality Assurance Controls
  • Matching Utilizing Scanning and Verification Equipment
  • Complete Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Wide Variety of Configurations Available: 3 of 9, 2 of 5, etc.



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